Insanity – My Personal Experience

Before I can tell you about my recent experience with Insanity®, I first need to tell you what lead me to buying the program in the first place, and why it then collected dust on my shelf for 7 years!!!

Roughly 8 years ago, I felt stuck.  I was unhappy in my marriage… I was unhappy with my fitness level…. I just didn’t feel like “me”.    I’d lost 50 lbs through Weight Watchers, but I still didn’t feel good about myself. I knew that something had to be done, but just didn’t know what.  And then one night while sitting in front of the tv, I saw an infomercial for Beachbody’s Insanity® and I was completely intrigued.  This program looked crazy hard, and yet the instructor seemed so motivating, and the participants in the videos looked incredibly inspiring.  Perhaps this is the challenge that I needed to help find myself?!?  And so, even though I was broke, I called the 1-800 number and ordered the program.  While waiting for the program to arrive, I took another scary plunge and asked for a divorce from my then-husband.  I knew that I had to do something in order to provide a happy, stable homelife for my then 6-year old son and myself, and however scary doing it on my own seemed, I knew that this was my best and only option.  And so there I was – scared to be raising my son solo – scared about how I was going to pay the bills and make ends meet – and scared about the unknown – when suddenly Insanity arrived.  I thought that this was my answer in a box – my remedy!  I sat on the sofa and read the materials, and then opted to watch the first DVD through before starting.  WOW – it was scary just to watch it!!  I think that I was sweating while I sat on the sofa!!  I decided that it was now or never, got into my workout wear, and pushed play.  I have never felt so challenged in my life, both physically and emotionally!  It made me dig deep, and I remember lying in a heap on the floor, drenched in sweat, and crying by the time the first workout was done.  I told myself that I’d get stronger, and that the next day would be easier – but it was still hard, and I still cried.  From the stress of the divorce, I wasn’t eating or sleeping – and so I can guarantee that this made it all the more impossible to complete the workout.  And so, I put the box away, and told myself that one day – one day, I would be ready to take on this challenge, and that I would complete it!

And now, 8 years later, happily remarried to a wonderful man, raising my son who is now almost 14, and my step-daughter who is 11, I decided that I was ready to give this Insanity program another try.  I felt stronger somehow – both physically and emotionally – and felt as though I could conquer anything!!  It is amazing what happens when you feel comfortable in your own skin and when you feel happy!!!

First, let me tell you that I sweat – and I sweat A LOT!!  You know how women say that they don’t sweat, they glisten?  Well, that wasn’t me!  I sweat buckets!  I don’t think that I have ever done any form of exercise where I had sweat dripping into my eyes during the warmup!  And I don’t think that the workouts ever got easier – maybe I pushed myself harder over time or maybe my body simply never adapted – because it was always challenging, and I modified frequently.  (sidebar: modifying is great.  No, you don’t workout less than the person doing it full out.  Why?  Because instead of making poor attempts at jumping or doing deep squats, or full pushups with poor form, you modify using slower and more controlled movement – proper form is always the best option!).

At the end of the 63 days I felt amazing!!  My arms were more toned, and I started to see my abs again.  My energy was through the roof, and my mood and patience level dramatically improved.  I felt strong, I felt fit, and more importantly, I felt healthy.  Now with regards to the scale, I hadn’t lost that much (5 or 6 pounds), but the transformation in my body speaks volumes, and just goes to show you that the number on the scale is irrelevant!

Will I do the program again?  Absolutely!!!  But first I am completing T25, and then want to try Insanity Max 30 – then I think I’d be up to doing another round of Insanity.  It has so much variety, and it is incredibly motivating from beginning to end – you don’t have time to get bored!!!

If you are interested in trying it out, check out my website at – your body and mind will thank you for it!



Why Shakeology?

So many people have been asking me why I choose to drink Shakeology.  They ask why it is so important for me to become a 365er.  People say it’s a fad, while others say it’s far too expensive…Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.29.53 AM but in the meantime, I am choosing to drink it every single day for ME.  Let me share with you some of the benefits that I have seen since drinking Shakeology (and no, I am not reading you an advertisement for the product, but rather am sharing with you my very own personal experience).  Having one of these shakes every day fights off my usual 3pm sugar cravings.  From the first day of consuming a shake, I stopped visiting my colleague’s office for gummy bears!  It gives me boundless energy too – so much so that I am able to complete an intense workout late in the evening, even after a full day at the office, supper and homework with the kids, and their bedtime routine!  Since drinking Shakeology, I’ve also noticed significant improvements in my skin – fewer blemishes and definitely an enhanced glow!  One other great benefit is that my migraines have become less and less frequent and I attribute it to my drinking Shakeology.  Also, although it may be TMI for some of you, I have to say that these shakes have helped me to become more “regular” (and so for that, I have to say a very big thank you to the makers of Shakeology!!).  Yes, the product is pricey.  However, when you break it down, it actually comes to less than what I have spent on a fancy coffee at Starbucks (and so rather than buy a drink that will give me little to no nutritional benefits, and that won’t fill me up, I choose to spend the money on a shake that can either be a meal replacement or a snack, with a boatload of benefits to gain from it).

Now let me tell you a little bit about the taste – holy moly, this stuff rocks!!  I have tried almost every protein and meal replacement shake that is out there on the market.  Some have made me gag, some I’ve had to add so many other ingredients just to make it taste decent, and some have just been “ok”.  Shakeology is so delicious that I look forward to it all day.  I have tried Vegan Chocolate, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Greenberry, and haven’t been disappointed once!  And Beachbody has so many incredible recipes to “spice up” the flavors, whether it be adding nut butters, fruits, veggies, avocado, juices, spices, or nuts…  And, I’ve made the no-bake Shakeology balls for dessert and they were a huge hit with our guests!  I just ordered the Tropical Strawberry and cannot wait to experiment with it.

So why not give Shakeology a try?  As I said earlier, it can be to replace a meal, or as a snack (I prefer to drink mine at 10am at work, and often to replace breakfast on the weekends when we are out running to one of our kids’ sporting events), and for the price, you can benefit in so many ways in your life.  Become a 365er like me – you won’t regret it!